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International Surf and Bodyboard Coaching Trips

St Augustine once said, 'The world is a book and those who don't travel are only reading one page.' To travel is to enrich your existence, to open your mind to ways of life far removed from your own, to put your problems into perspective and make you appreciate the world outside your little bubble. Amidst everything you experience when you travel, from the colourful cultures and traditions of distant lands to the flamboyant food and people, the one thing that really gets the heart pounding is the search for waves. All this is less than 24 hours away, so stop hiding behind your excuses and get involved. It only stays a dream if you let it!

We have 12 years experience of putting together bespoke surf and bodyboard coaching trips,
check out what we have to offer:


Morocco Surf Coaching Trip
Morocco Surf Coaching Trip

We've teamed up with our buddies Big Friday to offer some cracking Moroccan trips. All the coaching is from the Rip Curl ESF coaching team!

Autumn 2010 Dates: 14-21 November, 2010

Spring 2011 Dates: 13- 20 March, 2011

Costa Rica Surf Trip
Costa Rica Surf Trip,
22nd to 31st January 2011

Pura Vida! Our new destination for 2011 is our favourite place to surf .. Costa Rica! Amazing waves, beautiful beaches, tropical wildlife, good food .. we know this is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

Rob Barber's Bodyboard Coaching Trips

Rob Barber's Bodyboard Coaching Trips to:

Instruction from the British team coach at some of the world's bodyboarding hot spots:

Morocco Coaching Trip - November 7 - 14

Gran Canaria Coaching Trip - December (First week of Dec but dates TBC - info pack available soon)

Morocco Coaching Trip - 2011 Jan 2 - 9

Morocco Coaching Trip - 2011 March 6 - 13

Indonesia Coaching Trip - 2011 April 23 - May 6 ( info pack will be available soon)